More to come…

Hi sweet readers!

I’ve been out of commission for a while due to an emergency surgery last month. I’m doing so much better now, but it took away time from my writing.

I’ll be adding more soon as I’m re-starting my daily writing practice next week.

In the meantime, will you comment about what things you’d like to read about? I’d love some inspiration!


Little old Spanish men

In some Native religions, God isn’t called the Father like he is in Christianity, but Grandfather.

I feel some holy envy of this designation because we all know our fathers to be fallible creatures. I think this sometimes makes people wobble in their trust of the Divine. Pray to my Dad? Mmm… no.

Grandfather, though… Somehow this extra generation, combined with how the later years add wisdom, reflectiveness, and stability, creates a warmer, more complete image of God that I can wrap my heart around.

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