Day 43: Learning gratitude… again – Logoso to Playa de Estorde

The two hospitaleras seemed stand-offish at breakfast as they hustled around making cafés con leche, warming up thick wedges of tortilla, and wiping their hands on their stiff, white aprons. But as we sat at the tiny counter, Meg used her admirable Spanish to engage them.

As they set coffees before us, Meg inquired how to say thank you in Galego, the language of the land. Suddenly, these industrious, reserved women became animated.

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Day 42: Going with the Galician flow (Part Two)

On our way out of the silent village, I stopped at a farmacia to stock up. Thanks to a steady supply of cough suppressant, fever-reducer, throat lozenges, and sheer willpower, I was holding the mystery illness at bay.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Meg and I had spent most of the day either actually or nearly lost. Having eaten only a few morsels since breakfast, we were both feeling woozy. The situation wan’t dire, but definitely disorienting.

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Still here!

As fun as it is to tell the stories of what happened on my Camino, my main interest with pilgrimage resides in the inner journey, the interior terrain of the heart and soul where transformation is possible. When I write about this deeper aspect of the journey, I’m reminded of an archaeology excavation, with discarded piles of dirt everywhere, tedious scratch-scratching in the soil, and a few treasures pulled out and dusted off for show.

I mention this because I want to express my gratitude to the several readers who have commented here or mentioned privately how much they appreciate my honesty about my inner experiences on the Camino. In my everyday life, I’m not a fan of making a mess – literal or metaphorical. It’s uncomfortable for me to revisit and expose the emotional intensity of my last days on my journey for I still feel embarrassed – even shame – about them. Unpacking the Camino is messy sometimes and I often get lost in the layers as I dig into them. I appreciate your witnessing as I do so.

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