Taking the question mark from 2019

For about six months (maybe longer), the title of this blog has been “Jen’s Camino Journey 2013, 2016, & 2019?”.

As of today, the tickets to Europe are in my possession.

When I heard the news that it was official, the reaction sounded like this:

  • Oh my GOD!!!! (excitement, repeat 6 times)
  • Oh. My. God. (dawning reality of the commitment, repeat 4 times)
  • Holy shit! (just once)
  • (silence)
  • Oh my God! (acceptance)

It’s real now, not just a rumination. Because I’ve walked twice already, I know that both highs and lows await, even if I don’t know precisely what they will be. My body knows how to walk. My heart knows how to open. My mind knows how to problem solve when needed.

But every pilgrimage is different. A a spiritual seeker’s wisdom is always deepening. Even if it’s the same path, it’s a different me, a wiser heart, a more clear spirit who walks.

In 2019, however, it won’t at all be the same physical path. More on that in a future post!

Wish me a buen camino and an Oh My God for good measure! 🙂