Commencing training in earnest

Last week, I had a shock when I looked at my calendar and realized only 8 weeks remain between now and when our flight leaves. Soon after, the serious, daily walking will commence soon after. Holy cow.

After the shock wore off, I got online and started researching how to train for a 5K or al long hike like the PCT. Now my calendar is full of yellow blocks indicating 3 and 4 mile walks and longer more arduous hikes. Cross training and swimming on alternating days will give me a fighting chance at keeping up with my fit friend and fellow peregrina, Nancy.

So! I’m on the first day of official training and enjoying a stop at the Abbey Coffeehouse. Very Camino Francés!

4 thoughts on “Commencing training in earnest

  1. A summer walk!!! Will you be an all-seasons pilgrim now? Awesome that you guys are doing it AGAIN!!!!!! All Blessings!


  2. Oh you are back! I’m so glad. I was just thinking of you a couple of days ago and wondering about the rest of your Backwards Camino journey. So you’re doing it again! How exciting.
    I’ve said out loud that I’ll walk the Camino for my 70th birthday next year however since then it’s felt right to let go of it and let it evolve more organically. I may suddenly decide 3 or 4 months out that I’ll do it, or not. I need to let the clarity and inspiration arise without “me” deciding, but rather letting the Mystery push me in that direction if that’s what’s wanted. In the meantime I’m walking about 5 miles every day anyway. It’s a start.
    Wishing you all the very best in your training and in this your 3rd Camino!
    Alison xo

  3. What route are you walking Jen? A return to the Frances? I’m on the Camino now; I finished the Aragones yesterday and arrived in Puente La Reina, and it was surreal and wonderful and wistful to be back in the same place I’d stayed 5 years ago. It was both familiar and foreign, and I kept expecting to see my original Camino friends. I feel different now than I did 5 years ago, and that was a powerful realization. Okay, I could go on and on and really owe you a proper email… but good luck with the training, Buen Camino!

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