Hilarious Camino idea from Dad

Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s feeling fearful about this trip. Even though I’m almost 40 years old, in a phone conversation my dad alluded to feeling scared for me.

“Are you still going on that walk?”

I love that man.

When pressed about what he was afraid of, he hesitated and then said, “Jen? You can’t imagine what comes into a father’s mind when he imagines his daughter by herself in a foreign country.”

I tried telling him about how dozens, even hundreds of people are walking it at the same time and they can form a kind of community. How the Spanish also take care of their pilgrims and value their contributions to the economy.

That didn’t sway my dad.

This is where the fun starts. After discussing his fears with a good friend, she suggested that I ask my dad to come with me. I started laughing hysterically. My dad, whose idea of camping is the Hilton. My dad who is 6’4″ and whose feet would hang off the bunk bed. My dad who’d much rather drive the cart around the golf course, even though it’s great exercise to walk.

Ohhhhh, no. Not my Dad on the Camino. The very idea is hilarious!

So when we got on the topic again a few weeks later, I told him I had a great idea that would help quell his fears: Why don’t you come with me?

He started to laugh. Then he paused.

“How long is the walk again?”

It’s about 500 miles, give or take.

“Are there hotels along the Camino?”

Yes. Actually, the path goes through several metropolitan areas which will have at least locally-owned hotels — if not chains.

“Okay, then. I’ll tell you what,” he said. “I’ll go with you. We’ll rent an El Camino, drive the route, and stay in hotels along the way. We’ll be finished in 3-4 days tops.”

I love that man!

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