Scared to buy the tickets

Last month I talked to my travel agent. She said, “Yep. Get in touch with me in January and we’ll start your tickets.”

I’m scared!

If I buy them, I’m really going. I’m committed. I *always* buy non-refundable tickets.

We’re already into Week 2 of January and all I need to do is send the email. And then…

I’m committing to buying them,
to getting all my gear,
saving up for all those nights in Spain,
walking 500 miles.

I think I just realized what’s missing: a plan.

There are so many moving parts to this trip and (even ol’ organized me) I haven’t created a folder for all the steps. A to-do list. Ha! I love it!

If I knew what my next steps were (literally and figuratively), the sense of unease would dissipate. Buying the tickets would be a step into think thin air, they would define the path just ahead of me.

Well, whew! I’m getting on my list right now.

And while I do that, I’m curious: what would YOU put on my to-do list?

2 thoughts on “Scared to buy the tickets

  1. Jen – check out the typo you made, it’s the classical Freudian slip: “Buying the tickets would be a step into think air…” (you wrote “think” instead of “thin”). You’re overthinking this! This isn’t a trip build on logic and rationale, it’s a trip built on heart. Buy the tickets already.

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