Interesting 2012 Camino stats

Camino statistics for last year’s pilgrims have just been released regarding age, gender, country of origin, starting point, etc. I found it pretty interesting!

  • At 40, I’ll be in the majority: 57% are between 30-60 years old
  • As a woman, I’ll be in the minority: 43%

  • As a US citizen, a minority: 3.7%
  • Method of conveyance (walking), majority: 87%
  • With motive (religious and others), I’m also in the majority: 53%
  • Which Camino path I’m traveling — the Camino Frances — in the majority: 70%. There are 6 other routes to Santiago, but they’re known for being less well-marked and having fewer hostels.
  • Lastly, I’m surprised to discover that my starting point is #2 — Saint Jean Pied de Port, France — with 11.5% starting there.

That 11.5% represents about 22,214 people starting at SJPP over one year – or roughly 2000 a day. Woah!  Of course, many people don’t start in the wintertime, so that puts the monthly totals at much higher — especially in the summer. If I go in April (that looks like the best airfare), numbers may be a bit lower.

3 thoughts on “Interesting 2012 Camino stats

  1. The daily departure figure you came up with is a bit high….it’s more like 60 a day, if spread throughout the year. As you said, there are bound to be more in warm months, as my wife discovered. She said about 100 – 150 a day were leaving SJPP in September.

    1. Long division has never been my long suit! 🙂 Actually, with almost 193,000 completing it in 2012, that puts it at about 529 finishing a day.

      Fortunately, not everyone starts at St Jean Pied de Port, so Elaine’s experience is hopefully typical of what I’ll see!

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