Por Fin

I´m here! The last 4km was a breeze and I couldn´t stop crying when I reached the cathedral, I was so relieved, astonished, overjoyed… Plus the guys I´m walking with are such sweeties, there were hugs all around and more weeping — and I mean the guys.

I wish I had words for how I´m feeling today (besides tired). I´m sure you´ll hear more soon, but I wanted you to know that I´m here safely, proudly, and joyfully.

One thought on “Por Fin

  1. Jen, a heartfelt congratulations for your incredible accomplishment! WOW! Way to go!!!I’m crying joy for you!!! So anxious to hear the wonderful and challenging experiences that you have had. So glad you had a circle of friends(community) to celebrate with!!! You’ve done the heavy lifting. The rest is mostly downhill to the sea!! Take care, be well, and enjoy! It will end quickly!!!

    Elaine Hultengren


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