11 steps to contentment: My key insights from the Camino

I was rereading Buen Camino by Natasha and Peter Murtagh last night (love that book!). At the end, a German friend of theirs sums up his Camino insights in four bullet points.

I briefly considered writing them down, but then I thought, “There are more. There’s got to be.” So I grabbed my journal and wrote my own.


1. Trust. Everything is already going the way it’s supposed to — and it will continue to.

2. Trust the Divine. Spirit can meet your every need. You are held always.

3. Trust yourself. You are wise and accomplished. Step forward confidently. Listen to your intuition.

4. Trust others. Worthy people see you and accept you as you are. They are waiting for you to show up.

5. Accept love. Practice being receptive to the kindness and compassion all around you.

6. Live simply. You need so little to be happy. The less you have, the easier and more satisfying life is.

7. Let go. Identify your burdens and release them. Hand over your fears and worries to the Divine. Ask for a listening ear. Delegate.

8. Move. Movement shifts your energy and nourishes you body, mind, and spirit.

9. Focus on what you want. You are a powerful manifest-er.

10. Be where you are. No moment is more beautiful or powerful or full of potential than this one.

11. Be you. Be completely and unapologetically yourself. Choose to feel passionate, grounded, and free.

3 thoughts on “11 steps to contentment: My key insights from the Camino

  1. This is so simple and beautiful. Rules for life, simple but not always easy. Perhaps easier on a journey that requires you limit your stuff and pay attention to the journey. I copied them. I am printing them and posting them to be mindful.

    1. Agreed, Melanie. You’re right that being away and focused on a singular goal made a big difference for me. I think I could spend the rest of my life learning how to live them in my daily life. 🙂

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