Day 31: A day of transformation and joy – Ruitelàn to O’Cebreiro

Suddenly, after five days of illness, moping, and a serious case of the grouchies, life took an abrupt turn for the better.

The morning walk to O’Cebreiro was brightened with the company of my sweet friend, Louise from London, and our meaningful conversations about life, career paths, body, and spirit. It was lightened by sun peeking out from behind the clouds and fresh snowfall. It was literally elevated, in part, by being the highest point I walked to on the entire Camino.

The magic of Galicia had arrived and O’Cebreiro became for me a transformational place.

This day on the Camino was so powerful and positive for me that I wrote two posts about it. Here are the links:

On a life-altering insight

On the blessings on spontaneous community


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