Anticip-ay-ay-tion – waiting for news about a writing class

I’m feeling nervous and excited this week in equal turns.

Yes, I promise the Camino plot will continue later this week–this upcoming post is a particularly sticky one to write for personal reasons, so I’m working with it gently.

In the meantime, I’m requesting your prayers, good vibes, and positive juju (whichever camp you fall into) for the best possible outcome in a new quest: I’ve applied for a week-long Master Class at Hedgebrook Writers Retreat to develop my abilities as a non-fiction writer.

I learn this week whether or not I’ve been accepted to this program, which will begin in precisely five weeks.

My excitement stems from the topic itself, but also because it’s being taught by Hope Edelman, who co-wrote a book with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez, in addition to several quote-worthy books. The setting of the event is amazing – I get my own cabin and all three meals each day at this scenic oasis.

The nerves come in when I consider the cost, the time, and the message I’m sending to the Universe by applying, that I’m ready to call myself a writer.

It’s a huge leap for me. And I’m exnervousited.

So squeeze your eyes shut with me and blow on a dandelion. This big wish might come true this week!

14 thoughts on “Anticip-ay-ay-tion – waiting for news about a writing class

    1. Thank you so much, Muriel. If they call you, do let me know (fingers crossed)! You may know the answer before I do.

  1. I’m thinking about you Jen, and hoping for the best! What an incredible opportunity, it sounds so amazing. I’ve heard about Hedgebrook and it’s on my dream list of writers’ retreats. And congrats on taking a bold step towards your writing goals/dreams… so inspiring!

    1. Thanks, Nadine! It sounds like an incredible place and a week of writing with full support sound like a dream come true. (fingers corssed!)

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