News! I got in!*

Envelope from Hedgebrook


Happy dancing!

I actually screamed with amazed delight, totally overjoyed when I got their email.

The packet that came in the mail today seals the deal.

Really. It’s not every day that I’m one of six people chosen for anything. I didn’t really think I’d get in (despite your good vibes, prayers, and working my writing sample to death). I did, though.

However, here’s where the story takes an unexpected turn: See that asterisk up in the subject line?

*I was actually accepted into my second choice Master Class.

I was initially devastated. I had really, really been looking forward to Hope’s class.

After a day of licking my superficial wounds, I looked more deeply into the situation and realized how much like the Camino this unexpected plot twist was. The Camino (and The Stones) taught me that while you don’t always get what you want, you do get what you need.

Dara Marks, one of the two women facilitating this workshop, is the recognized expert on something called the Story Arc – a strategic approach to writing that makes a story unfold in a compelling, engaging way. She is a household name in the screenwriting world and consults on some of America’s favorite TV shows.

You may be wondering (as I initially was), how on earth screenwriting applies to a book about the Camino?

For one, pilgrimage is a story arc – from the beginning at Saint Jean Pied de Port to its conclusion in Santiago and every bump in the road between them. Second, Dara’s workshop addresses the story arc as it pertains to non-fiction writing, specifically (my genre!).

To be honest, even for as much praise as my blog receives, I’ve sometimes felt frustrated by my writing. While some of my posts sing with tension and release, the way a true story should, others just fall flat. I don’t know why – yet. But soon, I will.

It is crystal clear that this Master Class will assist me in honing my skills as a storyteller so that I can skillfully convey the arc of how pilgrimage changes the hearts and souls of pilgrims.

Now that I’ve got what I need, it’s exactly what I want.

Except for one thing: I jumped in to this workshop not knowing fully how I would cover the cost. Like the Camino, applying for it was a leap of faith and I trusted Divine intervention.

At this point, I’ve already come up with 62% of the total fees. In addition, I am launching an ebook  in my business this month that I hope will cover the remaining amount ($1100). I have twenty days to find out!

A request: I would love your help. If you have enjoyed my blog so far (114 posts in two years!) and want to help me develop my writing skills, I am requesting that you consider…

  • Sponsoring me by making a contribution by October 22, 2015.
  • Sharing my blog with your friends.
  • Commenting on my posts (which helps my Google ranking).
  • Sending me a card when I’m at Hedgebrook (I’ll share the address when it’s closer)

All of these would help enormously.

Note: As a thank you gift, you’ll receive a sample of my writing from my time at Hedgebrook if you make a contribution. Everyone else has to wait until the book is published. 🙂

No matter what you choose, I thank you as ever for reading, for cheering with me, and being in my corner on this next big journey!

My Santiago arrival with The Guys is up next!


3 thoughts on “News! I got in!*

  1. Congratulations Jen!!! This is such exciting news and I’m so happy to hear that you have the Camino perspective on getting your second choice class… it may not be what you expected, but it is probably what you need. 🙂

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