Final update (4): Taking myself less seriously

Soul-searching is a good and valid endeavor, but so is lightening up. In honor of my birthday month, I’m giving myself new challenge—a mini-Camino—to practice taking myself less seriously.

Day 1-8: Click here to read

Day 9-16: Click to read

Day 17-23: Click to read

Day 24: Laugh. Stand in front of the mirror and do deep belly laughs.

Okay, so I felt like a total dork doing this. Self-consciousness is the light heart’s enemy. But I did think I looked kinda cute. 😉

Day 25: Think about how much I love my nieces. Do something to show them.

These two girls are the light of my life. I was already sending a package to my brother, so I included a sweet card and some even sweeter treats in a decorative mailing envelope. I like sending them fun surprises!

Okay, and then? All five of these messages showed up in my Facebook feed in the same day. Thanks, Universe.

Okay, okay! I get it, already! 🙂

Day 26: Say some of the lines from SNL’s Bronx Beat.

Erroneously, I thought this was some kind of rap music. It’s not; it’s two chat show hosts, Betty and Jodi, kibitzing in a New Yawk accent. I was in stitches. Here are my lines:

Betty: know what I did the minute the school bus picked up my kids [after summer vacation]? I put my feet up and poured myself a glass of white wine.

Jodi: Good for you.

Betty: So what if it was eight thirty in the morning? I’m a grownup—mindyourbusiness.

Day 27: Go somewhere not-necessarily-fancy and drink a glass of vino tinto at lunchtime because you can—and some coffee and pastries—just like Camino!

I am giving myself credit for the spirit, if not the literal fact. I *did* go for Japanese-style tapas (also known as sushi) just for fun. Eating with chopsticks feels like playing with my food and getting away with it. Plus: YUM.

Day 28: My choice

I decided to finish the month strong and get a haircut from my favorite, fun, hair goddess, Monique Cook. I can’t repeat everything we talked about, but there was a lot of laughing. After my adorable spring shear was complete, she smacked my butt and said, “You’re keeping the weight off, girl!”

If ANYone can help me take myself less seriously, she’s it!




Extra credit

The ball was rolling, so I did a bunch of other non-assigned less serious stuff this week!

  • Sang Broadway show tunes to the cat — he seems to really like it!
  • Watched, for the millionth time, Pretty Woman and Big. “I said it, I meant it, I stole your mamma’s credit.”
  • Finished two hilarious Camino books, I’m Off Then and Travels with My Donkey. Highly recommended!
  • Painted my nails purple, just for fun.
  • Learned that my Camino buddy, Gary, will be joining us for a backpacking trip this summer that involves rafting. SO excited!

Less serious summary!

I think I’m getting the hang of this! My favorite activities included dancing, singing, reciting amusing phrases that reminded me to chill out, and being around people who naturally take themselves lightly. Some of the uncomfortable assignments helped me stretch in a good way.

The most pleasant surprise is how my thoughts are turning toward the positive and light. Playfulness feels natural and easy! I’m glad I did it and am thankful for the suggestions I received and for your coming along on the challenge.

Are you inspired?

What would you like to help take yourself less seriously?

4 thoughts on “Final update (4): Taking myself less seriously

  1. awesome! i MUST see you — in person — before much longer!!! up for a walk?
    that said, i’m out of town april 8-14 and leaving again at the end of the month. what about the last 2 weeks of april?

    1. It’s a date, Carol! I’ll email you — you traveling fiend, you — and get day/time/details on the calendar.

  2. I loved reading these updates about your project of taking yourself less seriously. So many of these had me laughing and smiling… I’m going to have to incorporate a few into my daily routines!! 🙂

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