Two weeks of walking backwards (so far)

I have to remember not to be cocky. I´ve gotten kind of smug about walking the Camino in reverse since I arrived here two weeks ago. A ¨sure, I´ve got this¨ kind of bravado.

Except that rain, impatience, hunger, pride, dogs, and fatigue all combined yesterday to break my sense of confidence in finding the Way.

There´s so much more story here… It will have to wait until I´m back. I´m fine though. It´s still raining, but the hill up to O Cebreiro becons tomorrow.

Buen Camino, amigos.

8 thoughts on “Two weeks of walking backwards (so far)

  1. I’ve been waiting for something like this- a note from the great beyond, a teaser to your experience. I’ve been thinking about you so much, wondering if you’ve gotten caught in all of the rain that so many other pilgrims seem to be facing, wondering if you’re keeping on track, wondering about your encounters… just wondering about it all. Good luck with the mountains before you, and know that so many are cheering you on 🙂

  2. I can barely wait for the stories! And what it’s actually like to walk it end to beginning. What have been the reactions of the pilgrims you’ve met?
    All blessings and love!

  3. So good to hear from you. Another friend posted pictures of SNOW at Cruz de Faro yesterday. Hope you miss that experience. Ultreia perigrina!

  4. I know you’ve got this Jen, despite rain, dogs, fatigue, hunger and whatever else the Universe can throw at you. I know you’ve got this. I think you probably know it too even if the going gets tough from time to time.
    Alison ❤

  5. So happy to hear from you! You know all of us on this side of the pond are with you EVERY step of the way. A fellow Salt Springer (Jim Maurice) is just in Leon now… you should encounter him in a couple days. I told him about you. Maybe you will cross paths. Buen Camino Jen. Remember to breathe!

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