Reverse Camino Day 4: Finisterre, a poem

Total distance on foot: 8mi / 13km
Towns traveled through: Around Finisterre
This day in 2013: Day 45: Being myself and Day 44: Diving into the Water and Day 44: Sunsets and Dolphins


The place where I sacrificed myself on the altar of the doorway,

where I stumbled across the threshold of who I thought I was

to watch the sun go to die forever

and with it

my limiting sense of self.


the end of the earth, the coast of death

portal to the underworld

testing souls in its dark Atlantic depths

and your whispered promise of rising again

barely audible above the relentless wind.


of rocks and sea, sand and tides

beneath your lighthouse I revisited that sacred ritual

a push-pull strain between my radiant soul

and a conditioned lifetime of unspoken rules

where I cast my granite heart into your healing waves

to become nothing—and everything

dissolved to granular, yet somehow solid enough to stand.

And returning

returning to you as though I’d never left

as if you’d been there all along

not just in my mind, but real real real.

Now I am here, and I remember.

I was never meant to stay.

Your strength is meant to be lived in the world.

Now, I turn eastward, to face the sunrise

returning home on an uncertain path

carrying your light inside of me.


Always I was meant to do this.


on your dark rocks among the brutal gorse and heather

you killed my illusions

you cut away that which buffered me from pain but kept me from truly living

Today, I walk on toward the promise of dawn

Never surer of anything.

2 thoughts on “Reverse Camino Day 4: Finisterre, a poem

  1. Oh my God, Jen. I have goose bumps everywhere. This is truly beautiful and as worthy of publishing as David Whyte’s poetry. You are amazing, my friend.

    On Fri, Aug 5, 2016 at 12:23 PM, Jens Journey – Camino de Santiago 2013 & 2016 wrote:

    > jenniferhofmann posted: “Total distance on foot: 8mi / 13km Towns traveled > through: Around Finisterre This day in 2013: Day 45: Being myself and Day > 44: Diving into the Water and Day 44: Sunsets and Dolphins Finisterre The > place where I sacrificed myself on the altar of the d” >

  2. Yes yes yes, living your truth as surely as it is possible to do so. You remind us of what’s important – the relentless waves washing away “a conditioned lifetime of unspoken rules”.
    Alison ❤

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