I bought the tickets!!

I’m going!!

I just got my tickets — I’m elated, terrified, excited, astonished! I’m really going!!

I have Mark to thank. I came home tonight and said, “Okay. I’m going to buy the tickets and make this real. But I want a sign.” And when I opened up my email, the very first message at the tippity top was a generous gift from my dear friend Mark, entitled “Spiritual quest support.”

Could the Universe be any more obvious with me? Thank you, Mark, for being a channel for the Divine.

I’m teary now, retelling this. And grateful. And awed.

I have no idea what I’ve begun here — and that innocence is part of the beauty, isn’t it? The sacred fool.

But the tickets are in my virtual hands now… and I’m one step closer on the journey.


2 thoughts on “I bought the tickets!!

  1. Congratulations Jen!
    Trips like these are (both literally and figuratively) about putting one foot in front of the other, plugging away, doing what you can to keep going in the right direction. This journey started when you were first inspired by the idea but I think you just took a huge long jump today, so well done to you! (An extra bonus – you didn’t get any blisters 😉

  2. Too true, Ger! And yay for no splinters! I’m so tickled I might get to see you in Ireland on the way home!

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