Remembering how to walk

I’m not proud. The extent of my workout for the last N years has been the path between my office chair and the fridge in the kitchen. Ahh, self employment.

But I need to start walking more than those 30 steps or so.

Santa gave me a gym membership and I signed up for it today.

Then I posted on Facebook:

Signed up for the gym today. I’m thinking the Belly Fusion class sounds good before I go full-bore onto the treadmill. Thoughts on getting back into movement for someone who hates sweating?

The irony that my calling to Spain involves this much physical effort is not lost on me.

Anyway, I know some lovely, brilliant people.

  • Kristen Mozian zumba is fun but you look like a complete idiot for the first couple of classes until you get a handle on the foot steps
  • Catherine Stutzman Belly dancing is great exercise AND fun! I would definitely recommend it over a treadmill. Tai Chi might also a good option.
  • Victoria Heckler Start with Pilates. Low-sweat activity but will strengthen and tone. Then work up to the dance fitness classes. Everyone sweats in them.
  • Lea Jabieski Shulman Mix it up, girl! Take some fun classes. Just as an FYI, you only need 20-30 minutes cardio (treadmill, elliptical, bike) a few times a week. And I highly recommend learning how to use the weight machines and free weights. You burn more calories weight lifting than you do on the treadmill, plus you get the benefit of toning up and gaining strength AND endurance. (I had a trainer this summer. Worth every penny! Know any friends who are trainers?!)
  • Deborah Globus Ugh! I HATE to sweat, too!! Try your trick of being in service to the bigger picture – your walk on the Camino. ?? Maybe it’ll help. And music.
  • Tami Stackelhouse Hehehe. That’s why I simply WALK. It doesn’t take any extra knowledge (like knowing what the heck the rest of the room is doing!) and you can control how fast or slow you’re going. Music makes it better when I have to be inside, but I simply love walking outside. Meditative, in a way.

Then Tami said this:

Tami Stackelhouse Hey, have you used Robert Fritz on this?

Robert Fritz! Yes!!

Robert’s 3-step process to change anything:

  1. create a vision
  2. identify the current reality
  3. create steps from your current reality to your vision

My Camino training vision:

I feel physically strong, confident, and capable of walking 10 miles in one day. I actually enjoy it.

My current reality:

My bod: Mary and I went for a “hike” the other day — 1/4 mile uphill and I had to stop twice to catch my breath. (She said, “I think we’re a little out of shape.” I said, “You think?”) I hate sweating. I don’t like exercising around other people. My knees, my back, and ohhh, my hips. I’d like to weigh 30 pounds less.

My mind: The very idea of exercise is so loathsome to me that I have to call it things like “moving my body” and “tromping in the woods” to disguise its true identity.

My locale: Our road is 55mph, no shoulder, no sidewalks — but there are walking paths about 2 miles from here. The gym is convenient and close.

My clothes: Shoes. I have none. None to walk in yet, that is. I’ve purchased and returned 3 pair already. More on this in another post. I do have workout clothes and a jingle wrap for belly dance.

(Am I a marshmallow or what?)

Steps to get from here to there:

I could try…

  • belly dance
  • treadmill
  • charge my MP3 player and listen to music
  • working with a trainer
  • ride the stationary bike
  • keep walking around the house (I’ve been doing laps)
  • work my way up gradually from 0 to 10
  • Oo! Create a calendar of goals
  • start walking outdoors as it gets lighter
  • see if Carol wants to do that hike again with the cabin

Okay. I have a plan: I’m going to do a little of everything above and see what sticks.

I really like the calendar idea because then I can see my goals. Today, I’m exactly 90 days from leaving for Spain. That’s 3 months to train.

I can do this.

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