What I’m looking for

Miles walked today: 2.4
Total training miles to date: 11.9
Days left til I leave: 69

I walked 2.4 miles today! My longest distance yet — and with each workout session, I’m walking just a leeetle bit further!


And, while I walked, I read this:

“[After the Camino,] France and Spain will never again be far away because they are inside of me. Not something in my hands – but something inside my hands, inside of me, that was not there before. It was a hard, hard trip and an unforgettable time. It was the best trip of my life; a golden memory that I will keep in the top drawer always, ready to pull out and remember.

“So here’s the lesson: Don’t be in a hurry because what you are looking for is not up ahead somewhere. It is inside you, in the very center of you. What I found was not on the Camino, it was inside me; but I had to go on the Camino to find it.”

~ Finding the Camino, Jeanne Williamson

I wiped my eyes reading this, on the treadmill, in the middle of a bustling workout center. I know that her story will be my story too.

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