Jill’s pearls of wisdom

Miles walked today: 2.2
Total training miles to date: 9.5
Days left til I leave: 71

Here’s me with 20# of birdseed on my back. Sooo comfy!


And here’s Jill and me! Sun! In February!


Lastly, here’s Jill after her plunge into that cold, cold creek behind her. (I’m posting this with permission!)


Jill’s pearls of wisdom

Even though she fell in the drink, Jill is an experienced hiker and backpacker. The woman owns TWO high-end backpacks, a pair of mighty rugged-looking hiking boots, and outdoor common sense that won’t quit. Even though she’s years younger than me, she is astoundingly wise.

Here are some of the pearls of wisdom she bestowed upon me while we hiked and I whined about how heavy the birdseed was listened:

Take a break when you’re tired. But not every time you’re tired.

Don’t think about the top of the hill. Just climb it.

Walking/working hard won’t kill you.

Wear a wicking layer under your clothes.

Sunblock is not optional.

Take rest days. Like a whole day.

When I’m struggling up one of the 3 mountain ranges I’ll cross on the Camino, I know I’ll hear Jill’s voice in my head: “Don’t think about the top, just keep walking. It won’t kill you.”

Oh! And a BIG hug and thank you to Mary Ellen for sponsoring a day on my Camino! I’m sooo close to being at my saving goal!

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