Miles walked today: 2.75
Total training miles to date: 17.05
Days left til I leave: 64

I’ve been making some great strides!

  1. I got a backpack! It’s a 34L Osprey and it fits like a dream! I’m going to have to pay attention to how much I pack (34L is a step up from a day pack), but I think it’s just the one! Props to the great, independently-owned Salem Summit Co for their great service.
  2. I made my blanket! Instead of a sleeping bag, I’m taking a warm, light blanket I made myself. My dear friend Carol scored a huge sheet of Primaloft, a synthetic down alternative, just for me. Then I dragged Inspired Spouse up to Fabric Depot in Portland this weekend for 4 yards of silk. And I scored again! I found a lovely patterned silk for 50% off. After spending a couple of hours with Priscilla the Sewing Machine, I have my blanket!
  3. I got spiritual support! Yesterday I went to McMinnville and I hung out with Courtney and Jeff, then spent the evening with Sandi’s amazing community. Mind-opening, heart-opening revelations which all seem a little to new to share at the moment, but big. I rediscovered and found allies on the journey to Spirit and I feel nourished.

Feeling a little panicky realizing that I have just 2 months before I leave — there’s so much to do before I go. And yet, the best thing for me to do at the moment is be where I am, completely present. Deeeep breath!

Sending hugs to you!

2 thoughts on “17.05

  1. Not to worry, there are stores in Spain. If you forget it, buy it. 🙂 Snacks too – only vaguely problematic if you are a vegetarian, in which case be prepared to eat a lot of potato omelette.

  2. As someone who lives in Spain, this reminder is such a great help, Rachel! I will warm up for potato omelette — perhaps in a bocadillo? Thank you! 🙂

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