Will it all fit?

Miles walked today: 3.2
Total training miles to date: 23.1
Days left til I leave: 60

Because of their policy, tomorrow’s the last day I can return the new backpack for cash if it doesn’t work. So, I spent today actually packing. Everything. Medicines, toothbrush, shampoo and all clothing just to see what it would feel like and determine whether it would all fit.

Here’s the entire packing list, spread out on the bed in small piles.


Here is everything all rolled up the way it will be in my pack. At this point, I was crossing my fingers!


Here’s the pack, filled.


It’s tight/full, but probably workable. Water will be an issue. The pack is outfitted with an internal pouch for a water bag and a line, but I’d rather use bottles.

When I showed it off to Mary, the Ever-Logical, she asked me where I would put my snacks. (insert screeching sound) Snacks! I can’t do a Camino without a way to carry snacks!

I think I need a bigger pack. So off to the store I go tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Will it all fit?

  1. Here is my tip Jenn. You never want your pack to full or it will ride like a rock on your back. You may have to resist filling it! A larger pack is also much easier to rummage through which you will be doing a lot of!

    Let me know if I can help you in your preparation for your journey in any way at all!


    1. Thanks, Scott! That’s a helpful tip, considering all the wilderness hiking you do! I redid the packing and made a bit more space. Choosing between a 34L and a 55L is my goal… To be determined. 🙂

  2. i vote that you restrain yourself! if you don’t have a ton of snacks, you have a valid reason to stop at the next cafe. you won’t need more than a little snack between cafes, if that. seriously, resist the urge to get a bigger pack. you’ll be glad not to be carrying the extra stuff you’d fill it up with. you’ll probably only want one water bottle, too. lots of fountains along the way. maybe someplace on the meseta you’ll want to buy a second bottle to carry if it’s hot. which would be surprising in early may. osprey makes great packs. this is a good choice. how much did it weigh, full?

    1. Considering you’ve done the Camino this helps too! I’m weighing in at 13.5 pounds! Yay!

      At the mo, it’s the rain gear I’m sorting out – poncho or pants-jacket-pack cover. Weight and volume will be the deal breaker if I keep this pack.

      Can’t wait to be eating Camino snacks!

    1. You are a sweetie, Amanda! I have a huge 75L pack I could hide a body in, it’s so big! Smaller is lighter and (so far) easier to carry. Thank you so much for offering! ❤

  3. poncho, hands down! i was taking mine off and putting it back on a lot. and i would have died of the heat in pants and jacket. i think pack covers are a pain. but don’t listen to me; i haven’t actually used one. i have a poncho you can try out — and use if you want to. just visualize yourself having to take off your muddy boots to get the pants off once it stops raining. now compare that to pulling a poncho off over your head. you don’t even have to take your pack off to deal with a poncho; you do with a jacket. not that i have an opinion…. :-)))) if you want to try the poncho let me know by 1:00 p.m. sunday. i’m heading for maui in the afternoon. another :-)))))
    home for 4 days feb 28, then off again. i can leave it where you can pick it up.

  4. Hey Jen,
    I echo the comments above and would resist getting a larger pack. The more space you have, the more you will want to fill it, and the more weight you’ll carry. That said, if you really feel you need a larger one, then I’d look into the 45L range from The North Face. (An extra 9L of snack space 😉
    I got one a few years ago for those instances when that in-between size is ideal and I’ve never regretted it – it’s lightweight in its own right, and very handy.
    Best of luck!

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