Want a ride?

Miles walked today: 7.03mi / 11.31km
Total training miles to date: 80.88mi / 130.16km
Days left ’til I leave: 22

So much for my theory! I was laughing with Marissa last week that the best way to scare and confuse my neighbors is to walk around the neighborhood with a backpack on. People either stare or avoid eye contact.

This morning someone proved me wrong! I was about to cross a quiet intersection when a well-coiffed lady in a new SUV rolled down her window and asked sweetly if I was headed downtown — to offer me a ride! So sweet!

I laughed and told her I was training for a 500 mile walk — but thank you! “Good luck,” she replied. I think that’s American for “buen camino!”

I grinned for at least 10 minutes. I’m sure the grinning made all the other neighbors more nervous.

Today was my longest walk yet — 7 miles — and boy did I feel it. Hips, feet, and hams mostly. But I made it. My goal was eight, but I turned back early when I noticed an airplane aerially spraying the hazelnut trees in front of me. I wanted to avoid being covered in whatever the treatment was.

Also! I have my new pack! For reals!! It’s a Deuter 45L — and it’s perfect! It even has a little flower on it. Photos soon!

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