Milestones and thick-headed insights

Miles walked today: 8.28mi / 13.3km
Total training miles to date: 99.26mi / 159.7km
Days left ’til I leave: 15

Longest walk yet today — lasted just over 3 hours and I walked over eight miles. Woohoo!!

The numbness I’ve been feeling in my feet went away after I loosened my shoelaces. (whew!)

When Carol and I walked through and around Keizer on Friday, I got a crash course in how insufficient sleep and lousy eating equals NO fuel . I was dragging pitifully by the end. I also learned that carrying water with you on long walks is generally a good idea.

So many insights! Such a thick skull! Thank goodness I had my experienced Camino companion with me!

Carol also asked me to ask you: I’m almost to my savings goal for this trip (200 shy of 3676). Are you interested in sponsoring me? $25 will cover a whole day’s lodging and food, so if you’re in a position to provide support this way, I’d be most grateful! Here’s the link for info:

I’m almost 2 weeks away! Woohoo!

2 thoughts on “Milestones and thick-headed insights

  1. jen, thanks for creating a way that people can sponsor you! and making it easy! when i walked the camino, i didn’t have sponsors. it never even occurred to me. and i am so thrilled to be able to sponsor you for a day! it is very special to me that we’ll have that connection while you’re walking, and especially on may 15th (the day i left for my camino) knowing that we’re thinking about each other and connected in such a special way. for anyone thinking about sponsoring jen, $25 – 30 would cover an average day’s expenses — TOTALLY! a little bit makes a big difference. little surprises can no doubt be sent during her journey, too. buen camino!!!!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Carol! I’ve been blown away by everyone’s generosity! ❤

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