The farthest shore

Miles walked today: 7.64mi /12.29km
Total training miles to date: 106.9mi / 172.0km
Days left ’til I leave: 13

To Marcia, Melanie, Lori, Susan, Lisa and everyone mentioned in previous posts who have contributed to my trip: Thank you, thank you… from the bottom of my heart.

The last few days have been surreal.

Monday, I showed Inspired Spouse how to pay my bills while I’m gone.

I’ve spoken with Lisa who will take over website for 3 months.

I met with Marie last night to hand off my college duties for 3 months.

Today I met with a group of 8 phenomenal women who will continue to lead my classes in my absence.

I also talked with Marissa about the logistics of being the Lead Deciderer while I’m away.

And finally, I met with Joyce who, among other things, will be processing all of my email for the next 3 months.

I’m in a slow-motion sloughing off process, releasing to others every duty and obligation I have. This is stunning. Surreal. (blinking eyes)

Who am I without my duties and roles?

And before you answer that, dear reader, ask yourself how you’d feel knowing that you had no duties or requirements for yourself for the next three months. What would you think?

I feel like I’m part floating in midair, part suspended underwater in this 13-day countdown to being only one thing: a walker. Someone who is walking.

Which reminds me of one of my favorite David Wilcox songs. I’ll paraphrase here, but take a minute to listen to the lyrics:

So let me dive into the water,

Leave behind all that I’ve worked for

Except what I remember and believe

and when I stand on the farthest shore

I will have all I need

In this moment, I’m envisioning me, standing at the edge of the Atlantic, thankful for the journey, and assuredly complete unto myself.

I can do this. In fact, as Marissa reminded me, I already am.

Love to you.

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