The shade at my right hand

Miles walked today: 0mi /0km
Total training miles to date: 137.97mi /222.04km
Days left ’til I leave: 2

I’ve been visited by friends and received calls and letters the last 2 days — and feel so touched to be on peoples’ minds in the midst of their *own* busy lives. Prayers are being said for me, candles lit, good vibes coming my way… It’s so helpful and generous and appreciated.

I’m feeling pretty good. The trip to the chiropractor yesterday helped with the back tweak from last week (hey, that rhymes!). I felt great during the killer walk around Silver Falls State Park with Carol with my real, full backpack. Until the next day when my calves were so sore I had trouble walking. Wow. That’s what so much flat ground training will do. The park was gorgeous though and all 10 waterfalls were supremely beautiful and full. It was magical!

I still have errands to run tomorrow, but am mostly on target with all of my last minute things. My snarkies seem to be subsiding and am feeling good.

Looking for inspiration, I stumbled upon a psalm I’d never seen before… and I think it will serve as encouragement when my trust and faith flag… so much that I’ve pasted it in the front of my journal.

Psalm 121

I raise my eyes to the mountains.
From whence shall come my help?

My help comes from the Lord,
the maker of heaven and earth.

He shall not allow your foot to slip,
or your guardians to sleep.

Behold, the guardian of Israel
never slumbers nor sleeps.

The Lord is your guardian;
the Lord is your shade
at your right hand.

By day the sun will not strike you,
nor the moon by night.

The Lord will guard you from all evil;
he will guard your soul.

The Lord will guard your coming and going
both now and forever

Although I resist the male-oriented language, what I hear in this is: you are going to be okay. Every hair on your head is counted. You are surrounded with love and guidance. And when you’re struggling up that endless literal or figurative mountain, you are not alone.

I may update tomorrow, but if I don’t, thank you for your love, support, prayers and interest in my journey.

And a BIG, BIG thank you to Cindy and Elaine and Tim for their generous sponsorships.

Much love,

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