Pilgrim’s Progress

I am walking with Katrin, Marisela, and Muriel (from France) and having a ball. Except when my feet are killing me. I went to a sporting goods store to get poles and at the pharmacy, I bought new inserts for my sneakers. Thinks are much better, and the painkillers dont hurt either. 🙂 The weather was gorgeous today, a stark contrast with the rain and blowing wind yesterday.

Itś safe to say that I hate the Camino as much as Iḿ loving the experience. It is so freaking hard to get up every day and walk and walk and walk. The scenery sometimes bores the heck out of me and if I eat another bocadillo I think I will choke. And then I have a hilarious conversation with the girls, or have a transcendent moment watching a hawk fly, or just feel a deep sense of calm and all is right with the world. We are in Villafranca Montes de Oca right now and expect to be in Burgos city in two days

One thought on “Pilgrim’s Progress

  1. I remember that same love-hate experience when I spent three days out in Arizona desert by myself for my 30th. In the end, I think I ended up loving the things I hated more than those that were so obviously lovable…they taught me the most and I think they (the things I hated) even loved me the most. Much love and many prayers and YESES to you my dear friend.

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