A Small Note From Jen’s Spouse

I wanted everyone to know, that Jen has not lost her ability to spell or punctuate. Since her departure, I have been posting to her blog from emails she has sent to me. She has been using iPads and computers from other countries, so the grammar and such is not quite right in English. At first I thought I might make corrections, but have left them in their original state as I get such a kick out of reading them as-is and thought you might as well.

I also want to pass on her gratitude for all of your support. It means a lot to her and tangentially to me as well. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “A Small Note From Jen’s Spouse

  1. What would we do without you?? So grateful you’re willing to add this happy chore to your already very full schedule. Love you lots!

  2. Ha ha
    As a native speaker of non-American English I think her spelling and punctuation are mostly fine! When in Rome, and all that jazz 🙂
    You’re doing a great job with transcribing–thanks for keeping us all posted.

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