Resting Comfortably

Hi all!

I´m in Astorga and laid up with a cold/ear thing. So where do I go? Not an albergue, that´s for sure. I´m in a 4-star hotel overlooking the city. Top floor. It´s gorgeous.

The walk is going well and I´m loving the change of scenery from the flatness of the meseta to the hills of Astorga. I will take a rest day tomorrow (at the hotel, of course) and then head into the mountains the day after. No sense in pushing and compromising my health.

Anyway, I´ve thought of Dad´s offer to drive the Camino a few times with love, so the snazzy hotel was my compromise. 🙂

Sending love from Spain,


4 thoughts on “Resting Comfortably

  1. Given your illness, you seem to have more time to post, which I like. But I’m sorry you’re sick.
    When you are walking, do you sing to pass the time? Have you met other singing walkers?
    Sending love your way too!

  2. Hi there! I absolutely sang on the Camino — a lot more when alone. I did also meet other singing walkers and even sang with some of them. Two of the gals I walked with I cajoled into singing their country’s national anthems. 🙂 I’m actually working on a soundtrack for all the songs I had in my head while walking outdoors, thinking inspired thoughts. 🙂 I’ll be sure to post about it soon!

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