Trail Trials

Today I am feeling particularly lonesome because I´m sick. But I couldn´t have chosen a better town to be in — it´s called Hospital de Orbigo, if you can believe it. There used to be 4 hospitals here for pilgrims. I´ve had a sore throat, a unnerving cough, and ear issues. The hospitaler here at the albergue took pity on me when I arrived at 12 (pretty early for a pilgrim) and gave me a quiet room to nap. When the farmacia opened at 5pm (siesta hours are so strange), I went down there and she was pretty concerned about the ear thing.

So now I´m taking 125mg of amocicilina 3x-day, 600mg of acetilcisteina (for mucous), and 2mg of dextrometorfano bromhidrato/15mg of benzoato sodico. That ought to give you something fun to research. 🙂 She was super nice, listened attentiviely, and I was blown away that she could prescribe antibiotics without a prescription. Above all, it cost me a whopping 16€ fior the lot. I´ve just taken it and feel a little drowsy, but relieved to have been seen by a Dr and have a good explanation as to why the last 2 days of walking have felt so hard. I felt soooo tired and my joints were even achy.

Walking alone has been okay. I´ve talked to several people during the day, yesterday a film producer from the Canary Islands and today a finance executive from Indonesia. Facinating folks and it´s been nice to have company, even if it isn´t as fun as walking with the girls was. I was almost caught up with Katrin, but she´s so fast, I may not see her again until Santiago.

As for the roncadores, it´s been okay. The last few nights I´ve blown my bdget on cheap hotels to get a private room but man, were they seedy. I´m happy to be back in an albergue today. After a day of walking solo, it´s nice to be surrounded by fellow pilgrims. I often take my decongestant if there are a disproportionate number of men in the room (there often are) and that seems to help a lot. I figure, they can´t help it, so getting annoyed doesn´t really help.

I feel a little danunted by the itinerary in front of me. I´m really walking about 20-22km per day and that won´t get me to Santiago in time to walk to Finesterra which I really want to do. There may be another bus in my future — or sending my pack ahead to the next albergue and walking faster without it. We´ll see. I want to see how I feel in the next few days on antibiotics.

5 thoughts on “Trail Trials

  1. Hope you feel better soon, honey. It’s tough to have to push through when you’re not feeling 100%. You’re in my prayers and thank God for the availability of good medical care. Much love.

  2. Thinking of you and glad you are are taking care of yourself…Trust the journey my friend, each and every part…Love you!

  3. Go ahead and take the bus anytime you want! It’s the perfect way for you to love yourself and take care of yourself, and it doesn’t diminish the journey one bit.

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