Lands End

I´m in Finisterre!! We arrived yesterday after a looooong walk (26km) and pretty late — 6ish — my latest arrival of the whole Camino, I think.

Still have the cold and cough.  I´m doing really well otherwise. I´m astonished, baffled, proud and stunned that I´ve walked all the way to the coast of Spain. It´s beautiful. The sun even came out yesterday and seems to be making a showing this morning. Meg and I are headed to the lighthouse this afternoon to walk around, but it´s otherwise a rest day. Tomorrow, she heads to Muxia (up the coast) and I remain here until I head back to Santiago the day before I fly.

I can´t believe I´m coming home already. In some ways it´s flown by and in others (rainy days especially) it has seemed so slow.

5 thoughts on “Lands End

  1. Way to go, Jen!! Wow, you did it!! Fantastic!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! I’m so excited for you. A walk you will remember the rest of your life!! Yippee, skippee to say the least! Can hardly wait to hear the stories…………Much Love, Aunt Elaine

    Elaine Hultengren


  2. Thanks, Gisela! I thought of you so much — especially meeting some of your lovely countrymen and women along the Way! I hope you walk the Camino someday – I think you would love it.

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