Fun day in the sun

Miles walked today: 3.75
Total training miles to date: 7.3
Days left til I leave: 73

It was a banner day today!

For one: I got my shoes!

shoes 001

Huge props to the staff at Gallagher Fitness Resources for their service, helpfulness, and friendliness. If you’re in the Salem area, check them out. I may never again buy shoes from a big box store.

For two: I tried them out!

Jill called me up saying this was a beautiful day that should not be wasted! (Sun? In February?), so we decided to go to Minto Brown Island Park and walk.

For three: I have backpack possibilities!

When I met up with Jill, she asked me to test drive her ultra-light 55L backpack in case I wanted to borrow it for the Camino! I also happened to have a 20 pound back of birdseed in the trunk, so she stuffed it in to give it a real test drive.

For four: I walked my longest walk so far!

We went around a 3.75 loop and I wore the birdseed-laden backpack (sunflowers are HEAVY!) about 80% of the time. I feel strong!

For five: I laughed my butt off!

I always forget that Minto has several small streams that flood in winter. When we encountered one particularly deep one toward the end of the walk, neither of us wanted to turn back. I was willing to ford it in bare feet (VERY cold), but Jill had visions of rock-hopping across — which she managed that is until balance/gravity plopped her into the drink.

We have photos. It was hilarious.

For six, and lastly:  I learned an important lesson about clothing!

Cotton is not your friend when it is wet. Jill is a smarty and had wicking layers on and was mostly warm despite the fact that her pants were drenched.

I’m even more committed to making sure I have proper clothes for this trip, even if it’s only one set I wash daily.

What a fantastic day!

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