“Walking” Fast

I´m in Leon. And before you mistake me for a fast walker, I confess I hopped the bus this morning from Carrion de los Condes, skipping 4-5 days of walking so I can really enjoy Santiago and Finesterre when I finally get there.

We had a TON of rain the other day and now it´s sunny an warm. If you can believe it, I almost prefer the rain as the meseta has no shade.

I talked with a couple from Roseburg on the bus here — small world again!

I´m in a funny mood at the moment. I´m without walking budies, in a big city, in a basement internet cafe and feeling a little low. Nothing terrible. I kind of wish I was walking as crazy as that sounds, instead of enjoying a break day in a sunny town. I much prefer the countryside and its people.

My Spanish is getting better. 🙂 You´d be impressed! I´ve picked up a little Castillian accent too, but am understanding a lot more and getting more courageous.

Yesterday, I met a guy named Pepe who was handing out candies to pilgrims as they came into his town, stamping their pilgrim passports, and writing inspiring quotes on them too. What a sweet old guy. One of the many nice locals I´ve met on the Way.

3 thoughts on ““Walking” Fast

  1. Movin’ right along, eh? I think of you every day, with a smile. Keep up the good “walk”. Love,

  2. Hey Jen – I was out at Schreiners yesterday enjoying the flowers. Dropped in to see Mary but she wasn’t home. Thinking about you a lot, but especially there on your back porch. XXOO

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